Compatible RC300B Black Ribbon

Manufacturer: IBM
Premium Compatible RC300B Black Ribbon fully compatible with the IBM JS-7500, JS-8000, JS-9000, 4614SUREONE, MP-300, MP-309, MP-311, MP-312F-N, MP-317F, MP-320, MP-321S, MP-322S, MP-323S, MP-330, MP-3312F3, MP-341, MP-342F-FX-, MP-352S, MP-382FW, SCP-700, SP-300, SP-310, SP-311, SP-311F, SP-312, SP-312F, SP-316, SP-317, SP-317F, SP-320, SP-321, SP-321S, SP-322, SP-322S, SP-323S, SP-340, SP-341, SP-341F, SP-342, SP-342F, SP-347, SP-347F, SP-348, SP-349, SP-349F, SP-772, UP-389, ER-350, ER-550, ER-C350F, ER-P200, SMP-200, SR-P100A, SR-P100B, SR-P100C, SR-P100D, SR-P200, SR-P250. The use of compatible supplies does not void your printer warranty.
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Products specifications
Product Type Ribbon
Condition Compatible
Brand Name Premium Quality
Color Black
Yield Type Standard
Manufacturer IBM, Risograph, Samsung, Star
Printer Series CR Series, ER Series, Ribbon Printers, SCP Series, SMP Series, SP Series, SRP Series
Printer Model CR1610, ER-350, ER-550, ER-C350F, ER-P200, IBM 4614 Sure One, SCP 700, SMP-200, SP-300, SP-310, SP-311, SP-311F, SP-312, SP-312F, SP-316, SP-317, SP-317F, SP-320, SP-321, SP-321S, SP-322, SP-322S, SP-323S, SP-340, SP-341, SP-341F, SP-342, SP-342F, SP-347, SP-347F, SP-348, SP-349, SP-349F, SP-772, SRP-100, SRP-100A, SRP-100B, SRP-100C, SRP-100D, SRP-200, SRP-250
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